Ocean Vibes for Mermaid Souls

4 – 6 hand-selected gifts for sea-inspired souls shipped every month!

Your delivery will feature items like these:

  • Ocean inspired jewelry & accessories to bring your mermaid soul back to the sea.
  • Luxurious bath & self care products to soothe your inner mermaid.
  • Conservation & sustainability-minded products supporting awareness and better practices.
  • Beach life gifts, custom accessories by talented artisans, and many more ocean inspired treats.

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Mermaid Elle Unboxing Mermaid Cove Crate!

Ocean Conservation
& Awareness

Support groups, products, and initiatives that protect our ocean.

Every Mermaid Cove Crate subscription box will include one charitable item that promotes global sustainability projects, sea life protection initiatives and other organizations around the world who are confronting ocean problems with solutions. We strive to provide the inspiration to get involved in saving the ocean, and saving the world.

Here’s how we make the magic happen!

It’s really simple but we’ll break it down for you.

Subscribe To The Magic with fellow mermaids

Subscribe yourself – or give a gift. Is this a well-deserved treat for you or is it an ocean surprise for another mermaid soul?
How about both?

Leave it to us to curate your treasures

Each delivery month, we find you unique island-inspired surprises to lively up your mood, your home, your body, and your belly!

Unbox your sea-inspired Mermaid Crate

Around the 10th of each delivery month, your Mermaid Cove Crate will arrive, and we’ll connect your mermaid soul with the sea you know and love.

What to expect

4 – 6 hand-selected gifts for sea-inspired souls shipped every month! Your treasures are carefully hand selected with your love of the ocean and it’s mystical creatures in mind.




Home Decor

Bath & Body

Self Care

Subscription Options

Prepay for your Mermaid Cove Crate subscription & SAVE!

Mini Mailer

Mini Mailer

A Sample from the Sea

Try our Mermaid Cove Crate Mini Mailer for $24.95!

Includes US shipping

We’re taking 2-3 items featured in our monthly Mermaid Cove Crate and sending you a sample from the sea!
Subscribe monthly or pre-pay for a 3 or 6 month subscription and SAVE!


What is Mermaid Cove Crate™?

We are a monthly subscription service for mermaids who love the ocean and all of it’s creatures! We delivery a box to your doorstep each month full of ocean vibes for your mermaid soul! Each month we highlight a group or individual who are making strides for a cleaner and healthier planet!

We also have a shop with fun apparel and gifts as well as a Mermaid Cove Crate Mini! Check us out on www.mermaidcovecollective.com

How does it work?

Mermaid Cove Crate™ is a monthly recurring subscription service for ocean loving mermaids. You subscribe and each month we send you carefully cultivated Siren Swag Bags full of awesome mermaid treasures inspired by our love for the sea! Your Siren Swag Bag subscription renews automatically on a monthly basis.

To learn more, visit the How it Works section.

How much does it cost?

Mermaid Cove Crate™ swims a new box to you once per month. The cost is $48.95 per month. Each box includes a retail value between $60-80!! This includes FREE shipping to the USA! Join today!

What's inside Mermaid Cove Crate™?

Each month, you’ll receive 4-6 pieces of mermaid treasure, guaranteed to delight your mermaid soul. You’ll get a constantly evolving variety of items from sea-inspired accessories, amazing beauty products, at least 1 item that promotes ocean health and our planets sustainability, branded apparel products, and much more.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is super simple. If you’re treating yourself to some well-deserved Mermaid Cove Crate™ or Mini, create an account inside Mermaid Cove Collective and choose Mermaid Cove Crate™ Subscription. Choose the full box or the Mermaid Cove Crate™ Mini!

If you’d like to give a Mermaid Cove Crate™ as a surprise gift to a mer-friend, choose our 3 or 6 month packages!

How does billing work?

We’re a monthly subscription which means, when you sign-up (unless you’re pre-paying a specific gift amount), you will be billed each month on the same day as your initial order, in advance of your next shipment. Shipments go out once a month, usually around the 4th or the 6th. Need your renewal payment date changed? No problem! Send us an email with your request! info@mermaidcovecollective.com

Orders will show on your account page as “Processing” until the shipment is complete, then you will receive an email that the order is “Shipped” each month when your Mermaid Cove Crate™ ships. When you are billed each month for the following month’s bag, you will receive an email letting you know your subscription has been renewed automatically for the month.

What is the month’s deadline to get the next box?

We generally ship around the 4th-6th of the month.

The cut off for each month is at 11:59pm on the last day of the prior month. Therefore, an order for a currently featured month can be placed from the 1st of one month through the last (28th, 29th, 30th, 31st depending on the month) of the following to receive the upcoming delivery. For example:

To receive October’s Mermaid Cove Crate™ or Crate Mini, orders must be placed between September 1 – September 30th. October’s Mermaid Cove Crate™ or Crate Mini will then be mailed between October 4th and 6th.

October 1st – October 31st = November’s Mermaid Cove Crate™ or Crate Mini

November 1st – November 30th = December’s Mermaid Cove Crate™ or Crate Mini

December 1st – December 31st = January’s Mermaid Cove Crate™ or Crate Mini

If you’d like more clarification or to know if you’ve made this month’s deadline, feel free to email us at info@mermaidcovecollective.com.

How do you ship?

Mermaid Cove Crate™ and the Crate Mini ships via USPS First Class Mail to all US states (including Alaska & Hawaii), territories, and APO addresses. APO addresses should allow up to 7 days additional delivery time. Canadian and other International addresses should allow an additional 7-10 days delivery time.

How do I add a gift message?

If you’re giving Mermaid Cove Crate™ or Crate Mini as a gift, you may include a gift message at the order. Simply type your message into the “Add a message” note box (don’t forget to include who it’s for and who it’s from) below the size and quantity sections and we’ll be sure to include your handwritten note on one of our signature Mermaid Cove Crate™ cards.

How do I cancel?

While our hearts will sink to the depths of the sea should you choose to leave us, you are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and cancelling your subscription. Should you have trouble cancelling yourself, you may request us to cancel on your behalf by emailing us at info@mermaidcovecollective.com

Please note that cancellations received after the monthly renewal date each month will be committed to the coming month’s bag, but will not be charged for any bags following that shipment.

Please also note that due to the discounted, prepaid nature of our 3 and 6 month gift subscription packages, they are non-refundable. Customers wishing to discontinue receiving the remainder of their shipments are welcome to transfer them to a fellow mermaid without fee.

How do I receive a refund?

If you would like to receive a refund, you must request it prior to the shipment of your package. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for Mermaid Cove Crate™ or Crate Mini after your shipment has left us.

If you have missing items or the package is damaged, we’ll be happy to help you out, just shoot us an email to casey@mermaidcovecollective.com. Your satisfaction is important to us!

I have more questions! How do I reach you?

Feel free to send us an email to info@mermaidcovecollective.com. We work to get back to you as soon as possible. Our current response time is within 1 – 2 business days (Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm EST).